Don't miss out on an exclusive, 6-hour experience that you can only live on a luxury sailing yacht in Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

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Short Overview

Don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind, luxury yacht tour exploring the magnificent cliffs of Los Gigantes. Enjoy a unique opportunity to snorkel and swim in an untouched, secluded blue lagoon near Masca, also known as the ‘hidden village.’ Connect with nature on this sailing trip and interact with whales, dolphins and turtles, that are used to human affection. The

What You’ll Get

  • Free pick-up and drop off at your location.
  • Small group tours are limited to only 10 people and we are often fully booked. Please book now to secure your spot.
  • Premium boat tour guided by our diverse staff members, in Spanish, English or Russian.
  • Luxury travel on the Bavaria 49 sailing yacht.
  • High-end fishing and snorkeling equipment available on board.
  • Food and drinks listed down below included in the price.

Important information

- Reserve instantly online using a credit card or pay cash later. - Minimum of 2 passengers per order, maximum of 10. - Children ages 3-12 are half price. Infants under 3 are free.

We Accept

€95 per adult

Full refund if the trip is canceled 24 hours up front. Click here for private boat rental or special occasions.

What You Can Expect

Book the premium, 6-hour yacht tour and start a peaceful and exclusive journey around Los Gigantes (“Cliffs of the Giants”). This must-visit spot in Tenerife offers an abundance of 500 meters high cliffs. A single view of the cliffs, observed from the sea, will leave you awestruck at their beauty and size. Our platinum boat tour is designed to let you explore this spectacular and magical place. We start sailing from Puerto Colon, passing by the open-sea fish farms in search of dolphins. To find the whales and possibly the turtles, we continue navigating north. Once we locate these beautiful sea creatures, we start the whale watching experience. You can observe their cooperative behavior and take impressive pictures. At this point, if the weather is perfectly sunny and bright, which is common for this part of the island, you can spot the background of the island of La Gomera. We continue our trip navigating until we reach Masca, (the famous “hidden” village) cove. From Masca, we can spot the lighthouse of Punta de Teno, initially built in 1897 (new lighthouse built 1976). Masca, the secluded cove, is our last stop. At this peaceful place, you can take a long swim in the inviting turquoise water, as we position the yacht in the heart of the lagoon. You can also enjoy snorkeling, fishing and sunbathe while we treat you with our exceptional catering. After these activities, we take you along the south coast and on our way back to the Port Colon. Lay down and relax listening to the chill sounds of the water. The platinum tour is a comprehensive yacht tour designed to let you fully explore the radiating beauty of the island from the sea!

A photo of Los Gigantes ("The Giants") cliffs in Tenerife
Tour Highlights

  • Explore the Cliffs of the Giants, also known as ‘Los Gigantes’ with this exclusive sailboat excursion.
  • Witness the power of nature as we pass along 500-meter high cliffs that will wow you with their strength and beauty.
  • Discover a different perspective of the Canary Islands, the one offered by a luxury boat trip.
  • Swim, snorkel and fish in a stunning, secluded blue lagoon near Masca.
  • Get up close and personal with whales, sea turtles and dolphins. We always strive to provide the best whale watching experience.
  • See the lighthouse of Punta de Teno from the sea.
  • Soak in stunning views of the islands of La Gomera, La Palma, and El Hierro.

Included in the Platinum Tour

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on Amaro Pargo.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Water and soft drinks Refresh at any time with a range of non-alcoholic beverages on board, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and Water. New addition for children - fruit juices: apple, orange and multi-fruit.

Carefully picked wine and champagne offered on our luxury boat trips.
Alcoholic Beverages

Wine and sangria Taste the best Canary Islands wine or sangria, the signature drink for this area. Champagne and beer We are prepared for any occasion with high-end champagne and world-class beer.

Food specialties and high-quality beverages served on Amaro Pargo during 6-hour Los Gigantes boat tour.
Delicious Food and Snacks

Shrimps The shrimps offered on board are the best way to wrap this exclusive yacht tour. Enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth shrimp specialty, seafood like you’ve never tasted before. Spanish paella After you work up an appetite from swimming or snorkeling, treat yourself with a delicious Spanish paella and taste the tradition of Tenerife. Focaccia We also offer a perfectly crisp, yet soft focaccia bread during the trip. Fruits and nuts Stay healthy with juicy fruits and nuts. Ice-cream For dessert, dive into our seriously delicious ice-cream.

On Amaro Pargo, safety is a priority.
Just a Friendly Reminder

Apply sunscreen before you go Staying protected from the burning sun of Tenerife is vital, so please don’t forget to apply sunscreen before the boat trip starts. Early application maximizes the results and ensures better protection of the skin. Are you at risk of getting seasick? Many people get seasick without knowing about it. That is why we recommend taking a pill against motion sickness before your trip. It is usually recommended to take the pill at least 1.5 hours before the tour begins. Please check in with your doctor for pill recommendation before your trip.

Customer Reviews

“I will bask in the warm memories of the sunny Tenerife island in the cold, but beloved, Kaliningrad city for a long time. I'd like to recommend Tenerife.fun to all sea walks lovers! We had an amazing time, in a lovely atmosphere and hospitality. The yacht is luxurious and spacious. It accommodated all 10 of us and we still didn't feel crowded. The variety of dishes accompanied by sparkling wine were tasty and nice! We admired the whales and dolphins that swam close to the boat and snorkeled in the blue lagoon. Thanks a lot for this wonderful cruise!”
An open suitcase with luggage coming out
Ekaterina Shpitz
“We arrived for a short vacation in Tenerife and booked our yacht tour through an agency. While talking with the sales person, I mentioned that the day of the tour was my husband's birthday. I asked for recommendations of restaurants to celebrate. Little did we know the celebration would start so early. I was incredibly surprised when the guys aboard brought a birthday cake with candles singing “Happy Birthday.” It was so beautiful! Many, many thanks for such an amazing trip and start of the day! Good luck, guys!”

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Get up close and personal with friendly whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. After the wonderful, family-friendly whale watching experience, snorkel with your entire family at the port of Armeñime, an inviting, arch-shaped beach where you can possibly spot amiable, green turtles.


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The best luxury boat tour to Los Gigantes and Masca Bay


Explore the magnificent cliffs of Los Gigantes with our exclusive, platinum sea excursion. Spot whales, dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat. Swim at a secluded blue lagoon near Masca. The platinum tour is a premium, 6-hour boat trip designed to show you the wonders of Tenerife.
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