Our Social Influencer Program is designed to benefit both sides.

It’s a win-win. Once we welcome you into the program, you can immediately make a reservation and enjoy any of the experiences offered on our website. The best part? It’s on us!

Program Requirements:


  • Have at least 10,000 followers (subscribers) on any of your primary content channels, like Instagram, Youtube,  or personal travel blog.
  • Have genuine and verifiable engagement (measured by our analytics tools).
  • Have fun with it and send us what you’ve created



How to Get in?


  1. Take a look at what we offer.
  2. Submit a creative brief for the experience that you wish to reserve. We recommend choosing something that is unique and entertaining to your followers.
  3. After your creative brief* is approved, we’ll book your experience.
  4. You publish the posts that reflect your creative brief and tag Tenerife.fun on your posts.

*What is a creative brief?


A creative brief is an idea for your content that must be funny, crazy, entertaining, audacious, or precarious. You know your followers the best. We know you are creative and will find a way to present our brand to your followers in an engaging way.






Thank you for contacting us! We will answer your request as soon as possible.