We love Costa Adeje, it’s impossible to ignore! And yes, our opinions may be a tiny bit biased… but that doesn’t mean Costa Adeje isn’t the paradise we claim it to be. Here we’ve compiled some of the most popular blogger reviews of Costa Adeje (from real Brit tourists) so you can find out what the hype is all about.

You can also check out Costa Adeje LIVE from these webcams. 

Paulina on the Road has some great tips on bars, hotels and nightlife spots you can enjoy in Costa Adeje without being overwhelmed by the busy atmosphere.

Cindy Lau at attractiontix has first-hand experience visiting the ever popular Siam Park. She’s compiled 8 things you must know before you visit Siam Park yourself.

Wendy from thankfifi has a very honest and extremely helpful guide to navigating Costa Adeje with a baby. She wants convenience and luxury without breaking the bank – and she has some great recommendations to help you do the same.

Scarlett London’s guide to Costa Adeje includes outfits to wear and the best places to look good and feel good. She stays in one of our recommended hotels too.

Any finally, you can’t go wrong with the reviews on TripAdvisor for all kinds of Costa Adeje tips and tricks. Some reviews are good, some are bad, all of them are useful!