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Amazing day trip was had with great friends to celebrate the new year in style. The yacht is awesome. And the crew & skipper were so cool. They really did pull out all the stops and could not do enough for us, to ensure we all had fun times. Friends, a Yacht, Music, Drinks, Nibbles, Unbelieveable scenery and beautiful waters. Happy days!

Jessica Lee
We had a great time on our tour. The staff was very friendly and took great care of us. The coast was amazing. I was blown away by the whales. The shrimp and cava was a very classy touch. The day was all wrapped up with a beautiful sunset. The whole trip exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend this company for a boat tour or any other excursion.

Jessica Lee

Why Tour With Us?

Guided by Local Crew Members

There is something special about touring with local staff members that know the area really well. Our diverse crew members live and breathe to transfer at least a glimpse of their love for Costa Adeje over to you. Our luxury boat tours are guided in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Safety First

For us, safety is always a priority, from the moment we pick you up from your hotel to the moment we drop you off. You will ride in a comfortable, well-maintained sailboat with a captain that knows the area of Tenerife like the palm of his hand.

Experienced Crew

Our captain is a professional skipper at the Merchant Navy and has more than 3500 miles of sailing under his belt. He possess practical knowledge that takes you to the best spots for whale and dolphin watching. Every day, our crew puts maximum effort to make every moment of your yacht trip enjoyable.

Fun Activities for Everyone

If you are taking your entire family on your trip to Costa Adeje, our fun, luxury yacht tours won’t disappoint you. The routes of all of our boat tours are made to run slowly enough to allow everyone to find the ideal activity for their taste and preferences. But fast enough to give the best of the best on the waters of Tenerife.

Serene Sailing Trip

Tenerife is the perfect combination of history, culture and natural beauty. offers boat trips that are ideal for exploring and feeling the magic appeal of the place. Regardless of your choice, your time on the boat will be serene and relaxing, filled with laughter and interesting activities.

All-Inclusive Tours

Our premium yacht tours include everything you need for a fun, unforgettable experience. You just book the luxury charter and enjoy the ride. With us, you don’t have to worry about paying extra or getting surprised with hidden costs, “commonly forgotten” details that can ruin your Tenerife trip.

A Wonderful Crew

We are here to make you feel safe and assure you have the most amazing time.

Welcoming you with their friendly smiles and kind souls, our captain and crew are warm-hearted people that make your boat trip expectations come to life. Our skillful, caring and knowledgeable team are ready to answer all of your questions and take your journey to the next level.

The Finest in Quality and Comfort

The Bavaria 49 is a spacious, clean, and comfortable sailing yacht that can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Ensuring a safe journey and comfortable experience is our primary goal. We offer you the luxury of a sailboat in the form of a stunning, beautifully preserved piece of fine craftsmanship.

Unique Marine Biodiversity

Swim alongside friendly dolphins, enjoy marvelous whale watching and get up close with sea turtles.

Get up close and personal with some of the most interesting marine life in the Canary Islands. The Canaries are home to more than 400 distinct species, a combination of aquatic species from the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Atlantic, and Africa. Costa Adeje is the perfect destination for whale watching.

Served Drinks

Fine Champagne and Wine

Laze around the yacht after being welcomed with a glass of champagne, and observe the wondrous sea life in their natural habitat. A range of soft drinks, champagnes and wines are all offered on deck for your enjoyment.

On-Deck Treats

Traditional Canary Food

Freshly caught and prepared in sea salt, our shrimp specialty will make you close your eyes, lean back comfortably and feel their deliciousness lingering in your mouth.


Your Special Time

Escape the crowds and enjoy a private, calm show of diverse sea life swimming next to the yacht. Vacations are time to have a peace of mind, and on Bavaria 49, we offer the prestige of a private sailing boat.

Special Occasions

Honor Each Other

Celebrate your special events on a skippered luxury charter while cruising the Southern Coast of Tenerife. Our team will make your celebrations full of sensational moments that you will remember for a lifetime.

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