Why A Yacht Charter In Tenerife Is The Best Choice For You

07 Oct 2019



If you want to get more out of your experience at sea, it’s definitely worth looking into private boat hire in Tenerife.

There’s no doubt about it – boat trips are great fun. They give you the chance to get out onto the open sea and witness things you simply can’t see from land, like fascinating marine life and breathtakingly beautiful coastlines. But you can only go so far with standard pre-organised boat trips. If you want to get more out of your experience at sea, it’s definitely worth looking into private boat hire in Tenerife.


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Private yacht charters vs standard boat tours

If you’ve never experienced a boat charter in Tenerife, you’re seriously missing out. If you’re still not convinced, here are 6 reasons why a yacht charter in Tenerife is the best choice for you.

Golden sand dunes against the sea

You can go wherever you like when you take a yacht charter in Tenerife. Even Gran Canaria to see the sand dunes!

Personalised itinerary

Apart from choosing your excursion to begin with, you don’t get a say about the itinerary with a standard boat trip. You simply get on board and the boat follows its planned route. If the weather’s not the best or the whales and dolphins aren’t in their usual spots, this can get very boring very quickly.

But with a yacht charter in Tenerife, you’re in total control of where you’re going and how long you’ll spend there. When you sign up for one of our private boat trips, we work together with you to craft your perfect itinerary. And since we’re not restricted to a specific route and there are no other guests to please, we can change course and go in search of marine mammals or totally change direction if you want to go elsewhere.

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Better photos

The waters around Tenerife offer stunning views of the island’s coastline and the sea creatures which call it home. When you’re on a standard boat trip, you’re bound to be snapping away non-stop with your camera. But when you take the time to go through these shots, you might find they were a waste of time. Regular boat trips cram loads of people on board, so a lot of your photos will be tainted with other travellers getting in the way.

boat charter in Tenerife is a totally different story. These trips take a much smaller number of people (we sail with a maximum of 10 guests) so everyone gets an amazing view with enough room to snap incredible Instagram-worthy pictures. Plus, when there’s a limited number of guests, everyone is within ear shot when someone spots a whale or a dolphin. So you won’t miss out on any sightings.

You can chat to the captain and learn all about dolphins when you do a private boat trip

More enlightening

When you’re on a standard boat trip with loads of other people, you don’t get a chance to talk to the captain. If you’re lucky, there will be one guide with a microphone reciting a script they’ve read more times than they can remember. Even if you can hear the guide, they’ve usually lost most of their enthusiasm over the years, which makes a dull experience for everyone.

But with Tenerife.fun sailing charters, the limited number of people means everyone can chat to the captain and learn loads about Tenerife and the ocean. Elias, our captain, is a fountain of knowledge and loves talking to guests, thrilling them with local facts and delighting them with stories from his sailings. If there’s anything you want to know about the Canaries or the sea, just ask him and he’s sure to know the answer!

Celebrate special occasions

A standard boat trip can be a way to celebrate a special occasion. Especially if the person you’re treating isn’t used to being out at sea. But if you really want to take things up a notch and show someone just how special they are to you, you can’t beat a boat charter in Tenerife.

When you hire a private boat and its crew, you can personalise every little detail to make the experience extra special. Whether you want a delicious birthday cake, personalised balloons or a hard-to-get bottle of wine on board, you can tailor your experience with private boat hire in Tenerife in a way you simply can’t with a standard boat trip. Our sales and reservation manager, Maria, is always ready to go that extra mile to make your day with us better than any boat trip you’ve ever experienced.

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Private yacht charters are much more romantic

More romantic

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a boat trip on the stunning Canarian waters. Cuddling up with your special someone while dolphins jump in and out of the waves is a beautiful experience to share. But this gorgeous image isn’t quite what you get when you sign up for a standard boat trip. The high number of guests, lack of private space and almost non-existent personal attention means this beautiful scene is little more than a dream.

But this doesn’t have to be the case if you choose Tenerife.fun sailing charters over regular boat trips. When you hire a yacht just for you and your special someone, you can enjoy complete privacy and cuddle up on the boat without worrying about people staring at you or getting in the way. If you sign up for day boat hire in Tenerife with us, you’ll also get to enjoy a bottle of champagne to make your trip even more romantic and memorable.

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Fits in with your plans

Standard boat trips won’t change their schedule to suit you – they run at selected times on specific days. And the sad truth is that if you’ve got other plans and you’re not free when the boat sails, you simply can’t go! But this isn’t the case at all with private boat hire in Tenerife.

With private yacht charters, as long as you give the company enough notice, you can usually set sail on a day and at a time which totally suits you. This means if you live in Tenerife and you’ve got a really busy schedule or you’re on holiday and you’ve got absolutely loads planned, you can still find time to squeeze in a private boat trip. Being able to choose your own time and date is also really helpful if you’re planning a trip with lots of friends or family members who each have their own schedule to keep.

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