Tenerife To Cadiz Whats: The Best Way To Travel To Mainland Spain

07 Oct 2019

Tenerife Fun

Tenerife Fun

There’s one big decision you need to make before you go: plane or ferry?

Whether you’re thinking about travelling from Tenerife to Cadiz for a mini break filled with delicious tapas and wonderful sightseeing or you’re planning on moving from the archipelago to the mainland, there’s one big decision you need to make before you go: plane or ferry? There are many pros and cons to both modes of transport and it’s very important you take them all into consideration before you make a booking.

To help make the decision as easy as possible for you, we’ve put together all the major arguments for and against traveling from Tenerife to Cadiz via the sky and the sea.

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Impressive architecture in Tenerife

Discover the best way to get from Tenerife to Cadiz for you

Flying from Tenerife to Cadiz

Flying is the most popular way for locals and travellers to get from Tenerife to Cadiz. You can catch a direct flight from Tenerife North Airport and land at Jerez Airport in just a few hours. But before you rush ahead and start reserving your seats, here are all the good and bad points you need to consider when it comes to flying from Tenerife to Cadiz:

A view from a passenger looking down the aisle of a plane

Air travel is one way to get from Tenerife to Cadiz

Pros of flying from Tenerife to Cadiz

It’s quick

Flying from Tenerife to Cadiz only takes around 2 hours. Even when you take into consideration the time it takes to get to the airport, check-in and get through security, you can still complete the whole process within 5 hours. That’s a fraction of the time it takes to travel by ferry.

It’s cheap

You can snap up flights from Tenerife to Cadiz for as little as €80 one-way – and that’s the full price. If you’re entitled to a Canary Island resident discount or a large family discount, you can travel for even less.

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More options

You have much more choice when it comes to flying than you do ferry crossings. There are several airlines operating this route, including Vueling, Air Europa, Iberia and Iberia Express, most of which have flights several times each week. Having a lot of flexibility means you can choose the most convenient time for you to travel and your favourite airline.

An open suitcase with luggage coming out

You can only take so much luggage with you when you fly from Tenerife to Cadiz

Cons of flying from Tenerife to Cadiz

You can’t fly to Cadiz

There’s no airport in Cadiz. So while the ferry takes you directly to Cadiz, the closest you can get to the city on a plane is Jerez, which is around 40km away.

Limited luggage

Even if you pay for extra hold luggage, there’s only so much room in a suitcase to fill. A suitcase is more than enough space for a short holiday. But if you’re planning on spending longer than a couple of weeks in Cadiz, you might need to take more things with you.

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A sunset view along the coast of Cadiz

Taking the ferry is another way to get from Tenerife to Cadiz

Taking the ferry from Tenerife to Cadiz

While it’s not as popular as flying, many people still travel from Tenerife to Cadiz on the ferry. You can sail from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife port in the north of the island and arrive at the Port of Cadiz Bay in a couple of days. Before you jump ahead and start filling out an online booking form, here are all the positive and negative points you need to think about before you travel from Tenerife to Cadiz by ferry.

A small dog on a ferry deck

Sea travel is a great option if you’re travelling with pets

Pros of taking the ferry from Tenerife to Cadiz

You can take more things with you

Unlike when you travel by plane, when you sail on a ferry, you don’t have to fit all your belongings in one small suitcase. You can fill your car to the brim with whatever you’ll need when you get to Cadiz. This is perfect for people who are planning on moving home from Tenerife to Cadiz or staying there for a long time.

No restriction on liquids

If you’re used to travelling with only hand luggage on flights, you’ll know how annoying the 100ml liquid limit is. But when you travel by ferry, there are absolutely no restrictions on how much liquid you can take onboard.

Ideal for pets

Although it is possible to fly with pets, it can be expensive and a hassle. But when you travel via ferry, things are much simpler. You don’t need to give your pet any type of tranquiliser and they’ll get a safe, cosy kennel to sleep in overnight. You’ll also get a few hours each day to play with your pet and let them stretch their legs.

Cars on the deck of a ferry

Travelling from Tenerife to Cadiz on the ferry means you can take your car

Cons of taking the ferry from Tenerife to Cadiz

It takes a long time

If you’re in a rush to get to your destination, taking the ferry from Tenerife to Cadiz is not the best option. The journey takes around 50 hours, plus the check-in time and the time it takes to get everyone onto the ferry.

It’s expensive

Because there’s so much more involved, ferry prices are significantly more expensive than flight prices. During the quiet times, ferry rates are around €590 per person one-way. But during busy times, prices can rise to €700 per person one-way.

Fewer options

There simply aren’t as many options to choose from when it comes to taking a ferry from Tenerife to Cadiz. Currently, there is only one weekly sailing, which isn’t great if you need a lot of flexibility. Whatsmore, there’s only one company operating this ferry route – Transmediterranea. So if you’ve used them in the past and weren’t happy with their service, there isn’t an alternative.

What’s the best way to travel from Tenerife to Cadiz?

If you’re travelling from Tenerife to Cadiz for a holiday, your best bet is to fly. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money this way. But if you’re planning on moving to Cadiz, travelling by ferry is the best option because you’ll be able to take a lot of your belongings – including your car – with you with minimal fuss.

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