For us, it all comes down to one thing:

Making You Happy

Have Fun. Relax. And Enjoy Yourself. is your #1 luxury sailing yacht booking service for incredible sea adventures around Europe’s most grandiose destination, the Canary Islands. Starting from the design and comfort of our Bavaria 49, to the warm and friendly crew, we are committed to bringing your dreams to life and turning them into a timeless adventure. Once we raise the sails and turn off the engines, you’ll have the privilege to feel the breathtaking views, smell the fresh scent of the sea, and enjoy delicious food.

Amaro Pargo crew on board.

Our luxury boat tours are designed to wake up your senses with various water activities and give you a serene encounter with nature’s sights to treasure. We promise you, by the time you get back on shore, you’ll feel reinvigorated and calm, but full of exciting memories of the island and its natural beauty. Our yacht tours are made with one purpose in mind, serving as your special way to take a break and ‘reload’ by experiencing a one-of-a-kind destination.

We Will Take Care of You.

We believe that the smallest details make the most memorable experiences. And we are on an ultimate mission to make your yacht tour so amazing, that you won’t stop talking about it. Our high-end customer service is spiced up with a great level of attention to details. Once the trip is over, we guarantee you’ll be so excited to share the highlights with your friends, family members, and co-workers. You'll want to re-tell the amazing stories that made you fall in love with the sea. You’ll want to share how great it was for you to have a moment for yourself while your children were running around, asking how to pilot the boat. How thoughtful of us to offer sunscreen because you forgot to take yours. How a couple of your friends felt seasick and we made everything in our power to make them feel better. How safe you felt on board while watching the whales, turtles, and dolphins.

On Amaro Pargo, safety is a priority.

You can expect impeccable attention to details from start to finish. Your glass will always be filled with Canarian wine or champagne. You will taste all sorts of delicious snacks including our famous shrimp specialty. We promise endless hours of fun and laughter! Too many promises? We want you to have high expectations when booking your luxury boat tours because we will make your experiences so spectacular that you’ll regret you didn’t go for it sooner.

You Are In Great Company

We are experts in helping you explore and charter Tenerife and the Canary Islands. Our team is always one step ahead, making sure your journey is filled with wonderful emotions. We are positive, heartwarming people and for us, this journey is all about turning simple moments into great memories.

The captain of Amaro Pargo, the luxury sailing yacht

Elias Alamo Fernandez

Captain, Professional Skipper in the Merchant Navy
With an impressive number of more than 3500 miles sailed, captain Elias keeps you stay safe on board. He is a big lover of the sea, rich in knowledge of all things connected to Tenerife, both on sea and land. Captain Elias believes that “the sea has the power to bring out the best in people,” and is very appreciative of the help and support of his fellow crew members. His fantastic sense of humor and spontaneous personality will make your yacht tour full of exciting stories and laughs.
Amaro Pargo crew at your service

Maria Mekhia

Sales & Reservation Manager
Maria is the first person you will get in touch with, while booking your Tenerife boat tour. She is in charge of tour reservation and coordination, and organizes the special events on our luxury charter. If you want to celebrate your loved ones, Maria is your go-to person. She is a true gem in our team, loves her job and will go above and beyond to fulfill and exceed your expectations. You can talk to Maria about private boat rental and reservations and she will make sure to create a wonderful experience. Your big smile makes Maria’s day and is her most valuable feedback.
The sailor on a luxury yacht, Amaro Pargo

Hennadii Spivakov

Hennadii ensures your safety and timely transfer to the port and back. Hennadii is an easy-going and enthusiastic person that will make sure you are safe and well-taken care of during your boat tour around Costa Adeje. The biggest thing he loves about working in Tenerife is how each day is a new, diverse experience. Hennadii knows the area really well and enjoys meeting new people, because, in his words, “everyone brings new emotions and stories, which make the experience unforgettable.”
We can't wait to have you on board!